#18: Placement Ads in Films

This is the first placement ad in the film. It just a short one.

Now, many films have placement ads,especially famous Hollywood films. Good films will attract more audience and they will be showed over the world. It is great chance to make ads in the film.

I love the film “Transformers,” but many placement ads are really make me piss off. It is like a rolling ads billboard.

It is just a part of the film. Did you count how many placement ads in that short clip?

Ads are everywhere!

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#17: Tpoic: “Green” Car Ads

When global warming become a hot topic, people pay attention to protect environment. They want every thing is green and less harm for the environment. Therefore, “save power stuff” in people’s lives, such as frige, dish washing machine and washing machine. Also, save gas car start in people’s live. Ads people also aim at consumers like “green,” so they make green ads to tell consumers that our products are green and less harm for environment. Everyone know Toyota Prius is a PetrolElectric Hybrid car and it is popular in American. Now, Nissan use a creatve way to tell people that we also have “green” car.

Ads people need to know what hot topics are in consumers mind and they catch them to make ads, so consumers will watch it and may buy the products. Also, ads people need to pay attention for the market to find consumers. Toyota Prius selling is not good in China because people do not have place to charge their cars and the price is high than other same class petrol car. Therefore, more people in China choose cheap petrol car rather than a expensive PetrolElectric Hybrid car. China is a developing country, so most of people do not very rich to buy expensive car. People want to save power, but economic condition  do not allow them to but “green car.”Therefore, Prius does not sell good in China. If this ads broadcast in China, people will feel interesting, but they may not buy the products. Ads do not has the function that persuade consumers to buy products, so it useless.

Topics are different in different countries and areas, ads people need to notice that and make a good and creative to consumers. Keep in mind, ads function is to persuade people buy products.

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#16: My Favourite Beer- Bud Light

Bud Light is a great beer brand, and they also has a good ads. This ad is great because it tells a story about a dog “serve” people for Bud Light when people just say “here we go.” It also show target audiences who like party and hang out with friends. “Here we go” is a slogan and it short and direct to show the feeling of getting a Bud Light beer is easy and fast. Also, “here we go” means let’s start it, so it suggest people start to buy Bud Light beer.

My favourite Bud Light beer is Bud Light Limeand it drinks like soda not like beer. Summer is coming, why not get a beer and hang out with friends.

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#15: Brand thinking of Li Ning

Brand History:

Li Ning is a Chinese athletic company which makes athletic shoes and sporting goods. Li-Ning branded products are targeted for consumers who play in sports such as running, basketball, badminton, football, tennis
and fitness. The company endorses a number of athletes and teams, both at home in China and abroad.

In 2005, Li Ning created a joint-venture with French sports apparel company, AIGLE, giving Li Ning the exclusive rights to be the distributor of AIGLE’s products in China for 50 years.

In 2006, Li Ning posted revenues of US$418 million, and total profits of about US$39 million. As of March 2007, there were 4,297 Li-Ning retail stores. The company directly owns some of the retail stores while others are franchised.

In January 2010, Li Ning opened its U.S. headquarters and flagship store in Portland, Oregon.

In January 2011, Li Ning entered into a partnership with Chicago-based Acquity Group to expand its U.S. distribution and brand awareness.

The company was founded in 1990 by Li Ning, a former Chinese Olympic gymnast. As of 2007, Li Ning remains the chairman of the company’s board of directors.

Brand Thinking:

As I know About Li Ning, their prive as high as Nike, Addidas, and other sport bands. Less consumers buy Li Ning products becasuse they think foriegn brands’ products are good-looking and higher quality. If the price are similar, Chinese consumers will choice foriegn brands’ products rather than Chinese brands’ products. I think Li Ning should re-target consumers. Their consumers should be middle class people, so the price should not higher than other middle class sports brands.

Also, Li Ning should try to expand their market in America and Europe to reach more consumers,and the price should be fit with middle or lower class people because most people in America and Europe will choice Nike and other brands. They may know less about this Chinese brand, so Li Ning needs to build its reputation outside China. They can do some public welfarre,or host some sport events to make more people know about this brand.

I know Li Ning can “Make the change.” and “Anything is possible.” I think there are more potential opportunities for Li Ning.

Here is Li Ning’s Ads, sorry, they spaek Chinese in the ads

Cited: Li Ning picture, Li Ning history


#14: Political Adverrisement

In politics, campaign advertising is the use of an advertising campaign through newspapers, radio commercials, television commercials, to influence the decisions made for and by groups. These ads are designed by political consultants and the political campaign staff. Political advertising is a form of campaigning used by political candidates to reach and influence voters. It can include several different mediums and span several months over the course of a political campaign.

They do not persuade people to buy profucts, but they want to persuade people to change their minds and vote for a  polotical group. The goal is different, but the functions of ads are similar.

Let see President Barack Obama’s First Ad of 2012

Does it change you mind and make you want to vote for President Barack Obama?

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#13 Thoughts about Nissan Ads

This is our Ad Team members, who placed 2 out of 8 at NSAC regionals in Boise last weekend.

First, I have to say they did a great job for Nissan ads, and it is really impress me.

However, it still has some space for improving. First, I think they can not only show the target people who are African American and Chinese American, they also can show the culture background of both kind of people. This is a better way to show the target people because Chinese American and Chinese apperance looks similar, they have different culture background. If just show people an Asian face, it is hard to tell them they are Chinese American, or Chinese, or Japanese, so using culture to identify their identity is a better choice. Second, the beginning part. I have seen several car ads are using cave, such as car passing cave and show a good appearence. They should jump out of the box, coming uo with some good ideas about the beginning part.

PS: I hope one day I can join in Ad Team…..

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#12:Slogan- Let You Remember A Brand

What can let you remember brands? A funny commercial ads, or strong, effective slogans?  A good slogan can give consumers a good impression.

When hearing”Just do it,” people naturally reflect it is Nike slogan.

“Think different” is Apple‘s slogan.

“Open happiness ” is Coca-Cola‘s slogan. These slogans make people remember the brands.

In different time period, brands has different slogans. For example, Coca-Cola.

1886 – Drink Coca-Cola.
1904 – Delicious and refreshing.
1905 – Coca-Cola revives and sustains.
1906 – The great national temperance beverage.
1908 – Good til the last drop
1917 – Three million a day.
1922 – Thirst knows no season.
1923 – Enjoy life.
1924 – Refresh yourself.
1925 – Six million a day.
1926 – It had to be good to get where it is.
1927 – Pure as Sunlight
1927 – Around the corner from anywhere.
1928 – Coca-Cola … pure drink of natural flavors.
1929 – The pause that refreshes.
1932 – Ice-cold sunshine.
1937 – America’s favorite moment.
1938 – The best friend thirst ever had.
1938 – Thirst asks nothing more.
1939 – Coca-Cola goes along.
1939 – Coca-Cola has the taste thirst goes for.
1939 – Whoever you are, whatever you do, wherever you may be, when you think of refreshment, think of ice cold Coca-Cola.
1941 – Coca-Cola is Coke!
1942 – The only thing like Coca-Cola is Coca-Cola itself.
1944 – How about a Coke?
1945 – Coke means Coca-Cola.
1945 – Passport to refreshment.
1947 – Coke knows no season.
1948 – Where there’s Coke there’s hospitality.
1949 – Coca-Cola … along the highway to anywhere.
1952 – What you want is a Coke.
1954 – For people on the go.
1956 – Coca-Cola … makes good things taste better.
1957 – The sign of good taste.
1958 – The Cold, Crisp Taste of Coke
1959 – Be really refreshed.
1963 – Things go better with Coke.
1966 – Coke … after Coke … after Coke.
1969 – It’s the real thing.
1971 – I’d like to buy the world a Coke. (basis for the song I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing)
1974 – Look for the real things.
1976 – Coke adds life.
1979 – Have a Coke and a smile (see also Mean Joe Greene)
1982 – Coke is it!
1985 – America’s Real Choice
1986 – Red White & You (for Coca-Cola Classic)
1986 – Catch the Wave (for New Coke)
1989 – Can’t Beat the Feeling. (also used in the UK)
1991 – Can’t Beat the Real Thing. (for Coca-Cola Classic)
1993 – Always Coca-Cola.
2000 – Enjoy.
2001 – Life tastes good. (also used in the UK)
2003 – Real.
2005 – Make It Real.
2006 – The Coke Side of Life (used also in the UK)
2007 – Live on the Coke Side of Life (also used in the UK)
2009 – Open Happiness
2010 – Twist The Cap To Refreshment
2011 – Life Begins Here

These slogans are short and tell people what’s the feeling of drinking Coca-Cola, such as,in 1904 the slogan is  Delicious and refreshing. The word “Refresh” uses frequently in Coca-Cola slogan. It emphasizes that people can feel refresh after you drink Coca-Cola.

Coca-Cola not only sucess in marketing, it also in advertising.

Cited: list of Coca-Cola slogan, Coca-Cola picture,Apple picture,Nike picture.

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