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#24: London Olympics 2012 Ticket Designs

London Olympics tickets

Beijing Olympics tickets

I just see news from Advertising Age that the tickets for London Olympics released. Compare it with Beijing Olympics, I feel London London Olympics tickets more artsy.

Beijing Olympics tickets more focus on chinese element, such as colors and design. Red and yellow are very famous color in China, and they are also using for our national flag.Except the pink cloud, other place keep white. The desgin also shows chinese element. For example, the cloud in China we called “lucky cloud,” which can bring people good fortune. Also, the logos for different sports are the traditional Chinese hieroglyph. In different ticket, it shows the sports in hieroglyph. Moreover, Beijing Olympics tickets are horizontal.

London Olympics tickets more colorful because it uses different colors to shows different sports. It shows the sports logo big and at the top of the tickets, so audience can easily know what sports are. Also, date, time and area number are at the top of the ticket, and it is easy for people to find and know the game time and place. Moreover, a little detail design for the tickest. It shows different stadium for each sports in the tickets. The tickets are vertical, which is different than Beijing Olympics tickets.

I can learn from both tickets design. Beijing one’s focus on national culture,and Londaon one’s focus on art.

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# 22: Creative Product Design

Today, I just see a girl who has a really nice iPhone case, then I just feel creativity in product design is so cool. If a product has a creative product design and a creative ad, that will be so perfect! I cannot believe people will not but it.

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The product design range is so broad, even plastics bags.

Creativity is  everywhere, not only in ads industry.

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