#25: Study is Never End

23 May

This term classes will end soon, but it just start for me. Now, I am thinking to take another major whether in Arts or Digital Arts, but both of these majors has some requirements for applying. They need some of my art work samples, such as photos, paintings. I feel these years, I just focus on study too much, and some of my hobby almost “died.” I think I should more care about my full abilities, such as, communication, drawing and making stuff. Study is important, but it can no be my whole life. My grades are not bad, but I need more skills to survival in advertising industry. I will focus more on media and arts aspects in study areas, and I will also “grow” my hobbies, such as hand making and painting. I learned painting for six year, but after I came to U.S., I seldom drawing. I feel now is a good chance to start painting and to feel colorful thing. It may make me to be come a more creative person, and I will find some inspirations from painting and arts things.

Study is never end, and I will never stop creating, critical  thinking and making my dreams come true.

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