#23: Commerical Around Me

20 May

I went to  Safeway do grocery shopping on Saturday night. They have a commercial activities called “Just for you.” It it like sign up “just for you” on the web and you can get some discount when you shopping. I feel the ads is not very attractive for consumers and there are less people sign up “just for you.” I think this commercial is failed. I think the commercial failed has some reasons: first, the commercial slogan is not attractive. “Just for you” is a really common and not creative slogan. When people read it, they do not feel something is special,so they do not curious about it. They will not ask salesman or other people in the store to let them explain about it. If Safeway could use a creative way to tell this activities, consumers may interested it. Second, broadcast is not enough. There are less TV commercials and poster to publicize this activity, so less people know about it. They just put a table a computer for signup, and some flies after each consumers check out. I do not know what the result of this activities, and whether Safeway get more profit from this activity. I just feel this commercial is not successful.

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Posted by on May 20, 2012 in My thoughts


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