#21:Advertisements Target Children

15 May

Ads are everywhere,and different ads have different “missions.” Some ads are for men, such as suits, tie and shaver. Some ads are for women, such as hairpins,jewels and bras. Now, there are ads for children, and it becomes a controversial topic. Some people think ads target kids as audience is not ethical because kis do not have abilitis to decide things good or bad. If they see some juck food ads, and the ads says is healthy. They may think that is right.

I think ads should have target audience, and the most impotant thing is to send the right message to audience. Some ads in order fo profit, they lie to audience, and this is not ethical.They should not tell lies to auidence. Ads should use their creativties and funny stories to attract audience, and they should tell the truth.

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Posted by on May 15, 2012 in My thoughts


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