#19:Mother’s day commercial

13 May

Today is Mother’s Day, we use flowers, kiss, gift and a family dinner to thanks for mothers to take care of us. Shopping centers have variety of commerical activities in Mother’s Day. All the holidays are chances to make money. let’s see some Mother’s day commerical.

Mother’s Day commericals are different than other commericals because ads need to be touching and moving, and people will drive by their emotion to buy stuff for their moms.

I think Mother’s Day commericals can be creative. For example, make story about a little boy or girl grew up when he/she were a child, then step by step show the process of growing and the relationship with mom. When Mother’s Day coming, the child who has already be an adult, collect all the photos about he/ she with mom from a child till now make a booklet for mom. At the end of the page, it says “For my dear mom, happy Mother’s Day,” or some other words. At last show the commercial company name.

I make a Mother’s Day card with a short clip for my mom. I have already send them through email. I hope she like it.

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Posted by on May 13, 2012 in Ideas about ads


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