#17: Tpoic: “Green” Car Ads

09 May

When global warming become a hot topic, people pay attention to protect environment. They want every thing is green and less harm for the environment. Therefore, “save power stuff” in people’s lives, such as frige, dish washing machine and washing machine. Also, save gas car start in people’s live. Ads people also aim at consumers like “green,” so they make green ads to tell consumers that our products are green and less harm for environment. Everyone know Toyota Prius is a PetrolElectric Hybrid car and it is popular in American. Now, Nissan use a creatve way to tell people that we also have “green” car.

Ads people need to know what hot topics are in consumers mind and they catch them to make ads, so consumers will watch it and may buy the products. Also, ads people need to pay attention for the market to find consumers. Toyota Prius selling is not good in China because people do not have place to charge their cars and the price is high than other same class petrol car. Therefore, more people in China choose cheap petrol car rather than a expensive PetrolElectric Hybrid car. China is a developing country, so most of people do not very rich to buy expensive car. People want to save power, but economic condition  do not allow them to but “green car.”Therefore, Prius does not sell good in China. If this ads broadcast in China, people will feel interesting, but they may not buy the products. Ads do not has the function that persuade consumers to buy products, so it useless.

Topics are different in different countries and areas, ads people need to notice that and make a good and creative to consumers. Keep in mind, ads function is to persuade people buy products.

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