#13 Thoughts about Nissan Ads

04 May

This is our Ad Team members, who placed 2 out of 8 at NSAC regionals in Boise last weekend.

First, I have to say they did a great job for Nissan ads, and it is really impress me.

However, it still has some space for improving. First, I think they can not only show the target people who are African American and Chinese American, they also can show the culture background of both kind of people. This is a better way to show the target people because Chinese American and Chinese apperance looks similar, they have different culture background. If just show people an Asian face, it is hard to tell them they are Chinese American, or Chinese, or Japanese, so using culture to identify their identity is a better choice. Second, the beginning part. I have seen several car ads are using cave, such as car passing cave and show a good appearence. They should jump out of the box, coming uo with some good ideas about the beginning part.

PS: I hope one day I can join in Ad Team…..

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Posted by on May 4, 2012 in My thoughts


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