#11: My Career Path

03 May

This week, we had great lectures that our sucessful “big brother”,Carson York and Jamie Slade, in J-School told us their experience. Those lectures make me to plan my career path.

Sometimes, I just feel I am a “loser” because neither Emerald Daily nor Ethos accept my application. AHA ofcourse will not need me, and the Ad Team they may not need me. I ask myself, why?

I think there are two reasons. First, I am an Asian, and adverstising is kind of “white man industry.” Also,the language problem cause communcation problems, and I am not good at English wirtingh. Second, my experience is almost blank. I just work for a Chinese magazine, and my work sample is wirting in Chinese. My other work samples are Gateway projects, so….

However, everyone start with a blank page, so I need to draw my page by myself. Make me strong and advance than others. At that time, my nationality and language problem cannot stop me anymore.

I need to be strong and I need to be strong!

I need to get every chance to prove myself. They refuse me once, after I improve myself, I will try it again. I have to learn how to grow up in failures. Every failure show my disadvantages, I need fix them and make them to be my advantages, soI can success.

My goal is find an local or global ads agnecy and stay in U.S., I need to prove that I can survival in “white man industry”and I can do it better!

Let’s do this!

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