#10: A jersey brings Guy Kawasaki

26 Apr

It is hard to say that we just so luck that Guy Kawasaki come to UO because of a UO hockey jersey.I think his lecture is not only full of laughing, but it also full of knowledge of life. His lecture is kind of no relationship with Ads industry, but in fact, it is relate to ads industry. For example, trust. He uses Amazon make an example that the brand trust consumers that they will return ebooks, and it builds a trust system between brands and consumers. Trust can  make a brand growing and people like it.

The most important point in his lecture, I think is “to be the baker, not be the eat” because baker is a kind of the people who will change the world and make the world better. They want to “make more pie” so everyone can eat the pie, but eater just want to eat the pie. It shows that what kind of person you want to be, a generous person who want to change the world, and let everyone have good life, or a selfish person who just want to get everything he needs.

We are the people who will making ads.In our world, we are bakers and our ads is pie. We need to send our pie to eaters and let them have good and enough pie to eat.

This is just beginning, if we want to be a good “baker,” we need learn skills that can teach us how to make good pies for people.

PS: Professor Deb. Morrison now is teaching us making pie….(I cannot believe that I am in a “baker” school), I hope in the finals, my pie will taste good.

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