#7: Creative Billboard Ads

16 Apr

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4

Picture 5

Creative ideas not only can use in television ads and magazine ads, but it also can use on billboard ads. In the past, billboard ads were just images, but now, it changes. People use simple and creative ways on billboard ads that make it can show product function and attract people’s attention. Billboard always at highway side, or some places where has many people, so many people can see it and get “the message” from ads.

“The message” is make people to know what is the product and what it functions in just seconds.

Picture 1 is a jeans ads. It not just show man or woman wear their jean, then show a slogan and the brand. It show a “jeans,” and it more creative than showing jeans.

Picture 2 is IKEA ad. It moves furniture in ad, and it is three-dimensional. It much better than plane surface ads.

Picture 3 is a post ad. The idea of the ad is clever because it puts mirror at the stamp  position. The ad is in the bus station, so people may use the mirror to check their appearance, and at the same time, they will see the ads.

Picture 4 is ad about hair. It not show different colors of hairs, instead, it use the sky as background to shows the hair color  in different time in one day.

Picture 5 is a tooth paste ad. it show  this product can make your teeth strong, and it shows the function.

3 of 5 ads I show using three-dimensional technique in billboard ads. In the future, what technique people will use for billboard ads? three-dimensional technique, or just plane surface?


Picture 1. Picture 2. Picture 3. Picture 4.Picture 5.

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