#6: Good brands & Bad Brands

14 Apr

Everyone has different opinion about good brands and bad brands, and the measure of deciding whether a brand good or bad are different.

Quality and serves are the basic element for deciding a brand good or bad, and they are also important to build trust between brands and consumers.

Consumers trust this brand’s product, and they will tell it to more people, the, the brand is growing, one the country, the bad brands will leave the market step by step.

But behind good brands, sometime there has bad things.

For example, last few month there is Foxconn and Apple scandal popular in the website. Chinese workers who work for Apple company making iphone and ipad under a bad living conditions, overtime working and get less payment. Some workers suicide in Foxconn.

After you hear that, will you still think Apple is a good brand?

There are many thing we need to think behind brands, so we can decide a brand whether good or bad.

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Posted by on April 14, 2012 in Brand Thinking


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