#5: Why bad advertisements are bad?

11 Apr

This is the the bad advertisement that I find on youtube.

Let me analysis why people think this ad is bad.

1. The ad’s story is boring, and not creative:It just shows the prodcut and tells the function, then, show the effects after using this product.

2.It has some kind of exaggerate the effects of the product: the grandma comes in the house, her action and facial expression show the house smell so good that there are no more bad smell, but the actors performance not natural. It  looks so fake that her think the air in the house is so good, and it exaggerates the effects of the product indirectly. Therefore, consumers are difficult to believe the febreze can make the small so good.

I think the story for the ad making the ad boring and not attractive. Therefore, a good story is important for ads. we can more dramatic story. For example, a girl faint in a house, and  neighbour find that, so she call 911 for medical help. Then, the doctors come in the house, they ware gas maks, then, they use febreze in the house, then, the girl wake up. It shows that the bad smelling make people feel unfortable, and febreze can make the house air better. It is better than the old story.(I know may be my story even worse…)

Bad ads gives us altert  that do not make this kind of ads any more, and we need to know why bad ads are bad. Then, we can learn lessons from them, so we do not make the same mistakes when we make ads.

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Posted by on April 11, 2012 in Ideas about ads


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