#4: Brand Thinking

10 Apr

What is a brand?

According to Charlie Robertson of Red Spider, ” brands offer a promise to customers, employees, shareholders and supplies.  More important, brands are marks of reputation and engender trust. ‘These definitions about brands gives us a deep thinking about brands. I think the most interesting point is “brands are marks of reputation and engender trust.”

I think from this point I feel set up a new brand is so difficult in the market because a new brand is no reputation for the customers. Customers will  buy some famous brand products because their reputation is good. Thus, their product quality are good. I think the reputation theory make brands more and more famous, and it also risk for some new brands because they are difficult to build their reputation in the competitive market.  Therefore,  “A brand is a collection of perceptions in the consumers,” Robertson said. From this point, a brand is not a trade mark, a mission statement, a logo or slogan, and communications. Brands have reputations, just like people. We build our reputation step by step, so do brands.

Sean Adams, Cofounder, Adams Morioka, said, “A brand is not necessarily visual. It’s a promise of an experience. One of the things that we’re running into with clients now is that they want to make brand promises that they can’t keep– promises that are clearly not true “(Millman, 217). I just think if a brand cannot keep their promises what about their reputation will going on? Promise, trust and reputation are important for people, but it is also important for brands.


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2. Book :Millman, Debbie , Brand Think and Other Noble Pursuits, New York: Allworth Press, 2011. Print.

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