#3: The Ads in My Era

06 Apr

Advertisement is different in different era.

No. 1:Coca Cola ads in 1960s.

No.2: Coca Cola ads in my era.

Do you see the differences between two Coca Cola ads in different era? The Coca Cola ads in 1960s, the characters in ads are people; in my era, the characters are polar bears. In 1960s, computer technology was not good as today, so the company used people in ads, and the media are not variety. People can visual see ads in poster, newspaper, magazine, television and billboards. At that time, Internet hadn’t developed so well. Now, the computer technology are well-developed, so people can use digital technology to make cartoons in ads, and there are variety of media, such as, internet, facebook, youtube and other social media which are also a platform of ads. In my era, the ways of making ads are variety and media can send ads to everywhere.

Because of technology development and media development the ads industry also have changes. They not only show products to the audience, but also they need to be more creative to attract consumers’ attention and persuade them to buy it. The competition between advertising agencies is excited.  Advertising agencies need to have creative ideas on ads, so more clients will have business with them. The exciting competition in ads requires people who are in or want to join in this industry need to be creative, so they can survive in the competition–get good jobs.

I think I need to be more creative, so I can find a good job in ads industry. Watching good and creative ads can help me to learn the creative process of ads. I think in ads industry, there are still a lot of things to learn, not only in class, but also in life.

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