#2:Funny & Creative

04 Apr

This is the funny ads.

This is the creative ads.

What do you think both types of ads, similar or different?

I think funny and creative are both important elements for advertisement because funny can attract audiences to watch ads, and creative can make ads funny. It is a cycle, so funny and creative are elements for good ads. A good ad need to have both elements, but just has them; it is not enough. Who is the audience?  Good ads has a clear target audiences. For example, the Pepsi ads in the “Funniest Super bowl Commercials of 2012 “target all kinds of people because the girl say the slogan:”Pepsi for all.” It is show the product range–it is for everyone. The clear targets +creative ideas= successful, funny and creative ads. This is my idea about the relationship between funny and creative in ads industry. I think there are more elements for a good and successful ads. We need to discover them, Let’s do it.

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Posted by on April 4, 2012 in Ideas about ads


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