#1:Today, Start Creative, Start Build My Dream

04 Apr

                                                                                   Let’s do it.

                                                                                              —Prof. Deborah Morrison

            Today in class, Prof. Deborah Morrison always says “let’s do it.” I know this sentence is easy to say, but it is hard to do. We need to be creative, so we can do it, and we can do it better than others. I like do some thing creative. For example, sometimes, I cook some food that mix all different flavorings. For advertising, I think creative is unique because there are so many good ads in everywhere. I have to make a new one which is different than others. More important, it needs to be attractive, because I need to make audience watch it, like it, and share it. Also, my ads should satisfied my clients, so they buy it, and people can see it. If I can do all that, I am a great creative strategist, and successful advertising man. This is my future goal. How about now?

            Now, I need to do is to make myself creative and think in creative ways. Also, I need to corporate with other because I am an international student who has different culture background than Americans. Therefore, sometime, I will have language problems about communicate with other, or afraid talk with other people. Furthermore, some American students do not like work with international students, but all this cannot stop my way. Multicultural background is good for me because my creative ideas can come up from comparing different culture.

            Now, it is time to start!

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