#25: Study is Never End

This term classes will end soon, but it just start for me. Now, I am thinking to take another major whether in Arts or Digital Arts, but both of these majors has some requirements for applying. They need some of my art work samples, such as photos, paintings. I feel these years, I just focus on study too much, and some of my hobby almost “died.” I think I should more care about my full abilities, such as, communication, drawing and making stuff. Study is important, but it can no be my whole life. My grades are not bad, but I need more skills to survival in advertising industry. I will focus more on media and arts aspects in study areas, and I will also “grow” my hobbies, such as hand making and painting. I learned painting for six year, but after I came to U.S., I seldom drawing. I feel now is a good chance to start painting and to feel colorful thing. It may make me to be come a more creative person, and I will find some inspirations from painting and arts things.

Study is never end, and I will never stop creating, critical  thinking and making my dreams come true.

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#24: London Olympics 2012 Ticket Designs

London Olympics tickets

Beijing Olympics tickets

I just see news from Advertising Age that the tickets for London Olympics released. Compare it with Beijing Olympics, I feel London London Olympics tickets more artsy.

Beijing Olympics tickets more focus on chinese element, such as colors and design. Red and yellow are very famous color in China, and they are also using for our national flag.Except the pink cloud, other place keep white. The desgin also shows chinese element. For example, the cloud in China we called “lucky cloud,” which can bring people good fortune. Also, the logos for different sports are the traditional Chinese hieroglyph. In different ticket, it shows the sports in hieroglyph. Moreover, Beijing Olympics tickets are horizontal.

London Olympics tickets more colorful because it uses different colors to shows different sports. It shows the sports logo big and at the top of the tickets, so audience can easily know what sports are. Also, date, time and area number are at the top of the ticket, and it is easy for people to find and know the game time and place. Moreover, a little detail design for the tickest. It shows different stadium for each sports in the tickets. The tickets are vertical, which is different than Beijing Olympics tickets.

I can learn from both tickets design. Beijing one’s focus on national culture,and Londaon one’s focus on art.

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#23: Commerical Around Me

I went to  Safeway do grocery shopping on Saturday night. They have a commercial activities called “Just for you.” It it like sign up “just for you” on the web and you can get some discount when you shopping. I feel the ads is not very attractive for consumers and there are less people sign up “just for you.” I think this commercial is failed. I think the commercial failed has some reasons: first, the commercial slogan is not attractive. “Just for you” is a really common and not creative slogan. When people read it, they do not feel something is special,so they do not curious about it. They will not ask salesman or other people in the store to let them explain about it. If Safeway could use a creative way to tell this activities, consumers may interested it. Second, broadcast is not enough. There are less TV commercials and poster to publicize this activity, so less people know about it. They just put a table a computer for signup, and some flies after each consumers check out. I do not know what the result of this activities, and whether Safeway get more profit from this activity. I just feel this commercial is not successful.

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# 22: Creative Product Design

Today, I just see a girl who has a really nice iPhone case, then I just feel creativity in product design is so cool. If a product has a creative product design and a creative ad, that will be so perfect! I cannot believe people will not but it.

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The product design range is so broad, even plastics bags.

Creativity is  everywhere, not only in ads industry.

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#21:Advertisements Target Children

Ads are everywhere,and different ads have different “missions.” Some ads are for men, such as suits, tie and shaver. Some ads are for women, such as hairpins,jewels and bras. Now, there are ads for children, and it becomes a controversial topic. Some people think ads target kids as audience is not ethical because kis do not have abilitis to decide things good or bad. If they see some juck food ads, and the ads says is healthy. They may think that is right.

I think ads should have target audience, and the most impotant thing is to send the right message to audience. Some ads in order fo profit, they lie to audience, and this is not ethical.They should not tell lies to auidence. Ads should use their creativties and funny stories to attract audience, and they should tell the truth.

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#20: Skills for My Advertising Career

I have to say that everything is change, which include my career path. I just decide to take another major, and it will affect my career. I am thinking to take digital art or communication studies to my major, but it is really hard to decide it. Then, I search on the web to find a advertising person need what skills, and I have a result.

It shows all the skills that I need to be a advertising person. Communication skills is my weak point and the requirement is high, so I need work hard on that. English is not my first language, so listening, writing and speaking are challenges for me. I have already in U.S. for 3 years, my listening and speaking is ok, but sometime, I still have trouble with communication when people have accent or speak too fast. Writing is big challenges of me because there are so many words to remember, and I need to use them in right tense and form.

I think I will take communication studies as my another major because it may help my career. I know there will be more difficulties for me in the future, but I will never give up. I know I am a problem solver, and I will solve my “problems.”

At last, I want to tell myself, “Be ready for challenges. Do not fear, I will win at last! ”

Cited: Form website

Key Skill Area Requirement
People skills: High
Sales skills: High
Communication skills: Very High
Analytical skills: Low
Ability to synthesize: High
Creative ability: High
Initiative: Medium
Work hours: 40-70/week
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#19:Mother’s day commercial

Today is Mother’s Day, we use flowers, kiss, gift and a family dinner to thanks for mothers to take care of us. Shopping centers have variety of commerical activities in Mother’s Day. All the holidays are chances to make money. let’s see some Mother’s day commerical.

Mother’s Day commericals are different than other commericals because ads need to be touching and moving, and people will drive by their emotion to buy stuff for their moms.

I think Mother’s Day commericals can be creative. For example, make story about a little boy or girl grew up when he/she were a child, then step by step show the process of growing and the relationship with mom. When Mother’s Day coming, the child who has already be an adult, collect all the photos about he/ she with mom from a child till now make a booklet for mom. At the end of the page, it says “For my dear mom, happy Mother’s Day,” or some other words. At last show the commercial company name.

I make a Mother’s Day card with a short clip for my mom. I have already send them through email. I hope she like it.

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